Video Works

War Is Beautiful

A depiction of the deconstructive nature of the universe and how there is always beauty even within the death of things.

Creating Within Entropy

A collaboration with helium, paint filled balloons and two canvases. The video is to be shown next to the two paintings displayed. 

Will You Still Play With Me

A three-part video depicting the feeling of being stuck inside of an aging physical body. The body is involved in a playful game with a childlike obsession towards balloons. It explores breathing, experiencing an almost asthmatic cling towards one of our main and fundamental sources of life and does so in a slightly humorous but anxious way.

Directed and Edited by Zack Helwa

Performed by Ryan Hurley




Adaptation : Time

A short exploring the effect of aging and the sense of time passing, made up of candid footage shot of my family at the beach in Spring Lake, NJ. The idea of how one almost reverts back to a child-like being once they grow old, particularly interests me here.